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Jose Damasceno

Challenge yourself

Building a website over the whole week. My boss finished the work and said: I think we need a coder. I cannot handle it by myself. Intrigued, I asked: I could learn and finish everything. He said: I do not think there is enough time. I will find someone and you do something else. After…

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Kirishika Krishnarajah

On Your Own

With all the challenges of going into an internship, it gets a lot harder when your mentor is out of the office on your second full week in. Despite all the hurdles I faced and the fear I initially had, I was able to learn so much in the week my mentor was out. Being…

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Seeing the Bright Side of the Challenges

It is without question that every single person in any job or career field experiences challenges throughout their day, week, month, etc. I am a firm believer of how you respond to those challenges directly impacts the team of people you work with along with the quality of work you produce. Too many times I’ve…

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Broadening Your Perspective

Working at BeachMint has been a phenomenal experience for me. It’s hard to believe that my internship has come to an end so quickly. At first, I was really hesitant because all of my other friends were taking OEM or MCE courses during the summer so I felt like I was making a mistake by…

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