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The Search for Food, And How I Found It

The simple question of “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” has loomed over our heads for as long as we can remember, and I’m sure most of us faintly recall our first answer. I know mine was veterinarian “so I can play with the puppies,” but that dream was soon…

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It All Started as a Side Project

This summer, as I am quickly immersing myself into the tech startup scene here in Philly, I have had the opportunity to meet dozens of founders, leaders, and influencers within this thriving community.  Most directly, through my internship at VeryApt, I have been able to get to know the founders of the company and learn…

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Donna Sosnowski

What is Your Summer Story?

So, what have you been up to this summer?  Across all class years, I am always amazed at the diversity of your summer experiences.  Whether you’re interning, have a part time or full time job, working at summer camp, traveling, taking courses, or simply enjoying time at home, you will hear from faculty, friends, and…

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Sharon Chin

DTR: Work Edition

When I say DTR, I don’t mean sitting next to your significant other and discussing whether or not you’ve hit a dead-end. Instead, I mean figuring out what kind of relationship you want to have with your supervisor/mentor at your internship. At Kapten & Son, my mentor is Ashley, a twenty-something graduate student with a…

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Making an IMPACT

At the beginning of my search for a summer internship, I didn’t even consider working for a non-profit. I was thinking a large financial firm, a cutting edge sports company, or an innovative start-up. Something flashy. However, I have found my time at IMPACT Melanoma to be rewarding in more ways than one. The small…

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Brittany Myrick

Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop

Somehow I seem to always find myself in internships where I constantly do not have enough work to do. I am one of those people who would rather be stressed out with too much on my plate, than nothing to do. So it is very difficult for me to sit at a desk day after…

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The Culture of a Small Non-Profit

People often talk about the drastic change in culture between college and employment. It makes sense that the transition from one of the most free times of your life to a desk job at a “collared shirt and tie” company can be difficult. However, I have been lucky enough to find myself working jobs with…

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Miranda Ditmore

Overcoming TC

My name is Miranda Ditmore and I was born TC, or Technologically Challenged. I do think part of my aversion to technology was nature, as my strengths and interests lie in liberal arts. However I think the majority of the blame goes to my mom, who’s severe TC impacts everyone around her, especially me. She…

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