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Brenda Kostyk

Indulge Your Curiosity and Find Your Happy Place

While the pace of life doesn’t slow for many of us during the summer, these warmer months can provide opportunities to explore different terrains.  Some are spending the summer trying out new roles with companies, others exploring the world, helping family, or taking classes.  However you’re spending your time right now, let yourself meander into…

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Anne Mccormack

A Look into Company Culture

Now over two weeks into my internship, I have the opportunity to reflect on what I have learned thus far. Specifically, I will be discussing the company’s culture. My first day at the office was unlike my previous experiences in a business setting.  After a nice introduction to my fellow coworkers, I was immediately engulfed…

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D Coley

Why I love interning at a startup and you should too!

Internships are a dime a dozen. Students scour the web for months applying to dozens of companies in hope of landing a coveted position. After a grueling search and many interviews, I landed an internship at Evol8tion, based in New York. Here are three reasons I love working at a startup. You have the freedom…

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Ashley Gerber

Observations: Israeli Business Culture

This summer I am interning for FlowMed, a startup in Haifa, Israel. The business culture in Israel is very different from the United States. Below is a list of the things that have stood out the most for me in my time in Israel so far: 1. The work week is different I had to redefine…

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Lessons on Marketing in Tanzania

As I looked outside the bus window in Tanzania, my brain brushed over the scenery, the wealth of culture and the happiness of the people. The curse of being from a business school is that you observe good business models everywhere you go. Here are some marketing strategies that stood out to me: • The…

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A Little Bit About Me

I have never had a blog or written a single blog entry in the past, so this will be my first. I like the idea of having my thoughts on an online database accessible to the public and even to my future self for future reflection. This will be my first ever blog entry. My…

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Leslie Moore

Architects of the Future

I have now entered the second week of my internship. Week one went well, however I quickly learned that sitting at a desk from 9-5 working on the same project becomes tedious and leaves you with some serious neck pain. However, I am working with some very intelligent and caring individuals who take pride in…

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A Cosimini

We’re All Future Millionaires

Millenials are a generation of future millionaires. Well, at least that’s what we tell ourselves. While studying at Babson and meeting other college students my age, I have not yet met someone who does not believe that they will be wildly successful someday. I have met future CEO’s, CFO’s, and CMO’s. I’ve met future Entrepreneurs,…

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Brandon Schwartz

How Google Docs Saved Me This Summer

If there was no Google Docs, I wonder how my team at work and I would be able to complete our work efficiently and well. Of course, I am not saying that saying Google Docs is the final, say-all, end-all of word processors. There are definitely opportunities where Google Docs may present itself as the…

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Jaime Doherty

Blogging about Blogging

Well this is somewhat embarrassing, but yes, this blog post is about blog posts… College students are social media gurus and it is exciting to see them leveraging LinkedIn as a heavily used resource to chart and explore their career paths. How is that related to blogging? Well, in addition to learning how to create…

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