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Venture On

Last week the Butler Venture Accelerator hosted its first ever Accelerator Launch Event. Attendees got a sneak peek at some of our new market materials and got to meet others in the program. The event was open to current participants and those interested in registering. We had a great crowd, including our entire Accelerator team! During…

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Brianna DiPietro

Babson Student Startup: SuperHealos

Following personal health scares and unexpected family challenges, Babson MBA student Yuan Yin M’15 decided to reevaluate her priorities and follow a new dream. From it was born a team of SuperHealos. SuperHealos Yuan: A SuperHealo is many things. It’s both the name of our business and a member of our team. It’s also a character in…

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Take the B.E.T.A. Challenge

The spring semester means that Babson’s business competition, the B.E.T.A. Challenge, is just around the corner. We didn’t always have a business competition. Like many institutions, Babson had business plan competitions. In fact, we were the first academic institution to have a business plan competition for students. Here’s a little history: The John H. Muller Jr. Business…

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Rachel Kim

Butler Venture Accelerator

On Monday, January 26, the John E. Alice L, Butler Venture Accelerator Program held its first information session for the semester. The information session was led by Cindy Klein Marmer who is the manager for the Butler Venture Program. Last year, the Butler Venture Accelerator is represented 385 students and 329 businesses. The program is…

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Andres Valencia

Market Research? Just get out there!

Very often entrepreneurs hear the “talk to the customers” advice, but it is surprising to see how we constantly keep failing to get out there early in the process. Many times we wait for the final product, the right numbers and a solid questionnaire to go out there and test our ideas; we get stuck…

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Working with Family and Friends

Starting a new business can be lonely. It is no surprise that many entrepreneurs seek to find teammates for their ventures to help them get their idea off the ground. But what happens when you enlist family members or friends? Where do you cross the line between personal and professional? On Tuesday, December 2, the…

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Yerim Kim


As part of last month’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Butler Venture Accelerator had program participant Soumya Roy M’15 share SBIR tips he learned from a training he attended with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/ Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR). SBIR is a grant program designed to stimulate technological innovation in the private sector and…

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Secrets to the Venture Capital Industry

Venture capital. The industry can seem like a mystery. For individuals wanted to become VCs, they don’t know how to get their foot into the door. For entrepreneurs, they don’t know how to get funding for this source of capital. As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and in partnership with the Venture Capital Private Equity…

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Emily Lagasse

Have a BIG Idea? Start Small.

By definition, entrepreneurs dream big. We envision a product, a service, or a world made better by our efforts and contributions. We believe anything is possible. We even daydream about our eventual interview with Oprah after making a huge impact on our communities, our country, and our world. For entrepreneurs, the dreaming part is easy.…

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