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Daniel O'Hanlon

Babson Alumni: Truly Entrepreneurs of All Kinds

This summer, I am working as a part-time intern with Babson College Marketing, focusing mostly on marketing content through Babson’s various networks. One of my duties is to do research and update profiles of current students and alumni in Babson’s Entrepreneurs of All Kinds database. It has been fascinating to see the wide array of…

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Katina Orive

Tips to Stay Healthy as an Intern

The summer is the perfect time to catch-up on sleep, eat well and become healthy overall. As college students we tend to not have this luxury during the school year. Asking my colleagues and friend we compiled a list of ideas on how to stay healthy as an intern, while not wasting a lot of…

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Jacob Heller

Getting the Most From Your Internship

Since my Sophomore year of high school, I have always had at least one internship. From all of these experiences, I have gotten my share of coffees in addition to getting my share of feedback from managers. From those experiences and feedback, I have come up with a few things that can set you apart…

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Kaina Lisibach

Was Babson The Right Choice? Five Things I’ve Learned While Interning This Summer

Before being lured in by business and deciding to attend Babson College, I had once aspired to follow the very untraditional  (sarcasm) route of majoring in political science/international relations, taking out a couple of hundred thousand dollar loans in order to attend law school, and ultimately “changing the world.” However, the summer before my senior year…

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Katina Orive

The Yes Intern!

The movie Yes Man depicts the kind of attitude one should affront an internship with since the start. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, Yes Man is the story of a negative man who is challenged to say “yes” to anything that crosses his path. This challenge leads him to many different adventures,…

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Miranda Ditmore

Don’t Stress, You’ll Figure it Out

Like most rising seniors, the panic surrounding what I’m going to do after graduation is in full swing. Some people enter Babson knowing the industry, job title, and even company they want to work for in the future. They work hard, secure those connections, and are set up with a full time job before they’ve…

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Katina Orive

Start with a Bang!

Start with a Bang! The first day of any summer internship always brings first day jitters. The feeling of nervousness and anxiety are completely normal when starting the first day on the job, from your first internship to your last job. This first day is seen as key in setting up how the rest of…

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Annie Bergeron

Fall 2018 Undergraduate Recruiting is OPEN at Babson

RECRUIT BABSON UNDERGRADUATE TALENT IN FALL 2018 Babson College Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) invites you to join us to build your brand on-campus and identify talent for your organization! If you don’t see something that fits your needs or industry, contact us, and we can set up a call to discuss…

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Babson San Francisco

Summer Catalyst Kickoff in San Francisco

This week, we are excited to kick off Babson’s Summer Catalyst Program in San Francisco with 6 teams of entrepreneurs. The Summer Catalyst Program is a 10 week pre-accelerator experience that offers co-working space, mentors, and guidance to help early-stage/seed-level entrepreneurs develop their startups. Throughout the summer, they will be working among like-minded entrepreneurs in the most…

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