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Katrina Rega

The Purpose-Driven Internship Experience

In my time at Babson, I have learned a lot about the different factors of a business. I’ve taken classes on marketing, finance, innovation, management, economics and more. It can be incredibly interesting to see all of the work that goes into creating and growing a company. However, during my abroad experience this fall, I…

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The Light Bulb That Is Networking

Throughout my life I have always been told time and time again how important it is to network. When I was in high school it was to network to get me into a good college and help me with recruiting for college sports. When I finally entered my first year at Babson it was FME driving…

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Making an IMPACT

At the beginning of my search for a summer internship, I didn’t even consider working for a non-profit. I was thinking a large financial firm, a cutting edge sports company, or an innovative start-up. Something flashy. However, I have found my time at IMPACT Melanoma to be rewarding in more ways than one. The small…

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The Glavin Office

Spain Elective Abroad: Think + Feel = Theel

This blog post is written by Jie-Ling, a participant of the 2017 Spain Elective Abroad… Full of culture, gorgeous architecture, mouth-wateringly delicious tapas, and lovely people, Spain is definitely all it says it is and more. An enriching and rewarding experience, this Elective Abroad provided me with a glimpse into the socio-economic structure of the…

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The Culture of a Small Non-Profit

People often talk about the drastic change in culture between college and employment. It makes sense that the transition from one of the most free times of your life to a desk job at a “collared shirt and tie” company can be difficult. However, I have been lucky enough to find myself working jobs with…

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Katrina Rega

Post-Graduation Planning

Throughout my Babson career, I have not managed to find exactly what I want in my career, but rather a lot of what I don’t want. So when I’m at a cookout and a family friend asks me what I want do when I graduate, it can be a difficult question to answer. I start…

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Going With the Little One

One of the things that I value most is diversity of experience. Going through a wide range of challenges and incidents better prepares me to handle anything that I may encounter in the future. That’s why this year I decided to intern with the small non-profit, IMPACT Melanoma. Last summer, I worked for a very…

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Brittany Myrick

A Babson Education Makes All The Difference

This summer I am working at my first internship where there are also interns from other schools. This has shown me how vastly different my education has been from theirs. I feel as though I have learned so many great skills that extend beyond the classroom at Babson that the other interns do not have.…

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Babson College PR

Highlights from the 2017 Black Affinity Network Leadership Retreat

From June 2-4 2017, more than 60 Babson student leaders, alumni, faculty, and staff gathered for the Black Affinity Network Leadership Retreat in Washington, D.C. The retreat was a professional development opportunity for participants in the Alumni Advisor Program as well as for the governing boards of the multiple student organizations within Babson’s Black Affinity…

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