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Ellen Zatkowski

Scholarship Opportunities – Apply Now!

We know that college is a major investment for you and for your family. So, in addition to researching which school is the best fit for you, it’s equally important to pay attention to scholarship opportunities available at each of the colleges on your list. While many of you are in different phases of your…

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James Dewey-Rosenfeld

You’ve applied to Babson…now what?

First of all, take a deep breath; you probably put a lot of work into your college search and applications, so I think I can speak for everyone when I say take five minutes off. Trust me, I know you are all still very busy. So, to answer the question of “Now what?” If you…

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Brian Hickey

Top Babson Social Media Moments of 2014

As the year draws to a close, another exciting semester of school has occurred at Babson. Serving as a Social Media Ambassador at Babson, here are some of the top Babson moments I’ve seen over the past semester through social media: Babson Welcomes the Class of 2018: #Babson2018, around 500 students, come to #Babson from 35 states…

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Choosing Babson

Choosing colleges to look at in the spring of my junior year of high school was an incredibly stressful experience. I kept asking my mom, “How am I supposed to know where to go to college? I’m 16!” I received a post card from Babson and decided to take a look. It seemed to have…

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Was Babson the Right Choice? Absolutely!

As I am getting ready to wrap up my time at Babson and many students are getting ready to (hopefully) start theirs, I have been reflecting on the experiences that have shaped my time here. I am often asked whether Babson was the right choice for me, and I never hesitate to say “yes” because…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Reputation – How Does It Really Work?

This post was written by Owen Shea ’17, Peer Career Ambassador. People often think of reputation as how other people perceive you. This connotation is correct, but reputation goes so much deeper. First impressions stand out when people reflect back on a certain experience or encounter. Impressions cannot change and are the only real imprint…

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Courtney Minden

5 Tips Before You Hit Submit-Part 5

Happy Halloween! For some,  this day is the scariest of them all-T minus 1 day until the ED/EA deadline. All week the Babson staff has been offering “treats” in the form of last minute advice on completing your applications. To recap: Monday: Hannah told you to be mindful of all of the word counts to…

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Tommaso Canetta

5 Tips Before You Hit Submit – Part 4

With just two days to go until the November 1st Early Decision and Early Action deadline, I’m here to offer another tip to get you ready to hit that submit button. Tip #4: Proofread! Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s still an incredibly important part of the process. I know you’ve put a lot of time into your…

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Ellen Zatkowski

5 Tips Before You Hit Submit – Part 3

I have definitely been on a blog hiatus but, now that my fall travel has come to an end, I am hoping to get back on the blog bandwagon! Both James and Hannah have provided some excellent advice and tips for before you hit Submit. Here are my words of (hopefully) wisdom: Ellen’s Tip of…

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Hannah Moriggi

5 Tips Before You Hit Submit

T-minus 5 days and counting until November 1st – Babson’s Early Decision/Early Action Deadline. As a tribute to the countdown, my colleagues and I will be offering a “Tip of the Day” to help ease your stress and provide some guidance in the final days ahead before you hit SUBMIT! Hannah’s Tip of the Day:…

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