Career Development

Bird’s Eye View of Albany Center

For the last few weeks, I’ve been witnessing how Albany Center Gallery functions as a resource for artists and a servant of the local community. In fact, it feels as if a path has been shown to me, and I’ve been given a means by which to show my own art publicly. My desire to…

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Hit Them Angles

One of the primary roles I have been doing in my internship is conducting a social media campaign. My team and I have been primarily using Instagram and Facebook as platforms. We started from scratch and had to create a branding strategy as well as creating a target market and target persona. It was actually…

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MacIntyre Henderson

A Learning Lifestyle

Working and living in a country to which you have never travelled is an ongoing, 24/7 learning experience. This is what I mean. As would be expected, the hours of the day spent doing work for the company provide a massive influx of information, but that doesn’t stop when lunch comes around; sitting to eat…

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Contributing Anyway I Could

As my last blog read, My company had a huge client presentation in Philadelphia last Friday and as expected; interns weren’t able to attend. Although I was not presenting I wanted to share some tips I did to stay involved and engaged in a successful presentation! 1. Ask tons of questions! Since I wasn’t presenting…

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Taline Karozichian

How to Beat Your Summer Commute

I hate carrying things. I see all these young people on the train and subway with nothing in their hands expect their phone and I get jealous. Pan to the left and there I am. A heavy backpack on my back, my camera bag in one hand, and my gym bag in the other. Last…

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Caroline Hayes

Tips to move from Interview to Offer

Congratulations on making it to the interview stage of the process.  That means hiring managers are liking the skills and qualities you’ve shared in your application documents (resume, cover letter, transcript, online assessment, writing sample, etc).  If you are continuing to get the interviews but not the job offer, let’s consider some of the reasons…

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The Struggle in Refraining to Over Water My Seeds

Friday June 15th, 2018, marked the end of the second week in my internship with StreetLight Data. In working for a data collection consulting company specialized in transportation, many aspects of my job include tasks and knowledge that Babson has not entirely prepared me for, such as privacy screening of our LBS data to ensure…

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Miranda Ditmore

Don’t Stress, You’ll Figure it Out

Like most rising seniors, the panic surrounding what I’m going to do after graduation is in full swing. Some people enter Babson knowing the industry, job title, and even company they want to work for in the future. They work hard, secure those connections, and are set up with a full time job before they’ve…

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Kirishika Krishnarajah

Round Two

This summer I will be a returning intern at ALKU. After working at ALKU last summer I realized that recruiting was something I loved to do, so I went back for another summer. This year I am placed in the Epic Division, working with a startup is much different than working with a pre-established industry…

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