Career Development

Update from Alba

While we are in the midst of re-branding the Alba Boutique to a new and more meaningful Sloane and Ivy Boutique, it has come to my attention that re-branding is just as hard as starting a new store. Around the time of re-leasing the store, Kate and I also have to be creative when it comes…

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Mara-Florina Steiu

Myth-Busting Internship

This internship has been a special one. More than an enriching learning experience, it has been a myth-busting challenge that constantly took me out of my comfort zone and made me reassess my beliefs on start-ups, people, and life. Such valuable lessons are worth pondering upon again and again, so I’ll do this once more,…

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Brittany Myrick

Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop

Somehow I seem to always find myself in internships where I constantly do not have enough work to do. I am one of those people who would rather be stressed out with too much on my plate, than nothing to do. So it is very difficult for me to sit at a desk day after…

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Seeing the Bright Side of the Challenges

It is without question that every single person in any job or career field experiences challenges throughout their day, week, month, etc. I am a firm believer of how you respond to those challenges directly impacts the team of people you work with along with the quality of work you produce. Too many times I’ve…

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Process of being part of the bank

It has been two weeks for me working at the bank. Last week, I had to use my time to learn how teams are related to each other, what is task for our team. There were some departments that are closely related so they have to hold meeting everyday and there also were some departments…

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The Culture of a Small Non-Profit

People often talk about the drastic change in culture between college and employment. It makes sense that the transition from one of the most free times of your life to a desk job at a “collared shirt and tie” company can be difficult. However, I have been lucky enough to find myself working jobs with…

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Yating Lu

A Perspective Story

Second week of my internship just ended as I just finished my fifth draft on the brochure design. In the past two weeks, I have talked with other consultants in the office and gathered their feedback on the design and content. Additionally, I have also referenced other brochures in the office to get a sense…

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How to overcome the “intern” label

Having internships during college is a great opportunity to learn and to start testing the waters before you go out in the real world. There are all kinds of internships, and each company treats their intern differently. But sometimes, we get stuck being labeled only as the “intern” and our opinion or work is not…

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Austin Fabel

The Big Switch

Farewell Stetson Real Estate; hello Greiner-Maltz. In an unbelievable – and unexpected – change of events, I was granted the privilege and opportunity to join a firm in the commercial real estate sector. My true calling. Following a one-month tenure of utilizing quantitative metrics to value residential properties, I have now begun to gain complementary…

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Emily Woodward

Working From Home

This summer, my internship is a three-hour commute from my house. Although I am always ready to take on these long days, both me and my bosses knew it was unreasonable to have me make this trek more than two times a week. Instead, they have me work from home for the remaining days. Going…

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