Author: Rishi Mehta

How do companies use technology?

The role technology plays in today’s world is irreplaceable. Technology does shape the way employees do their work to a great extent. At Saucey, it is used for menial tasks like making calculations, and for much more complex tasks like analyzing large volumes of data and managing the app and website which enables people to…

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What kind of work does an Intern do?

While applying for internships, I always wondered what kind of work does an intern actually do, and does it really match the job description that is included in the offer letter. Once I got my offer letter from Saucey, it also included a job description with the tasks I would be completing. These tasks and…

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What do I want to achieve from my Internship?

This summer, I have the opportunity to be an intern with Saucey, an alcohol delivery company based in LA. Being an international student, my goals for the internship were somewhat unique. Before my internship began, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve from it. While making this list, the first thing I…

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