Author: Rebecca Jiang

Traveling Tips

Although I have learned a lot during my internship so far, one of the aspects I have learned a lot about is traveling. Over the course of my internship, I will have traveled to six different places. Here are some traveling tips and lessons when traveling for work. Pack lightly – If possible, ask for…

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Learning How to Embrace Discomfort

My favorite Youtube channel Yes Theory lives by the motto “Seek Discomfort”. Their videos, which range from asking strangers to get matching tattoos with them to helping strangers live out their ideal last 24 hours, have inspired me to be more spontaneous and say “yes” to opportunities even if they scare me. Although I did…

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What Is Your Dream Job?

I remember the first time the idea of myself being an event planner came to my mind. I was having a conversation with a friend in high school and out of nowhere she exclaimed, “You know what I can totally see you doing in the future? Being a wedding planner!” At first I just laughed…

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