Author: Olivia Phelan

Internship Search Considerations: Program Structure

At this point in my career, I have had a few internships at both small and large companies. My current internship at FIS Global has had the most formal structure.  All FIS interns enter a cohort of an Associate Development Program, and I was pleasantly surprised by the program offerings. FIS’s Associate Development Program consisted…

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Entrepreneurship in A Great Place by A Great Lake

My favorite part of my summer internship has been the ability to explore and discover the city of Milwaukee. Although my FIS office is in the northern suburbs, Milwaukee is very accessible with a car and I’ve been able to discover cafes and shops around various neighborhoods—the city is known as the “big city of…

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Go (Mid)West, Young Woman

I’ve always been obsessed with employment. My hypothesis is that my passion is a both a function of the times—increased focus on job as identity (however flawed), work as both life’s form and function, as well as a natural inheritance from my family: my father is a employment lawyer representing employees. I’ve probably been footnoting…

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