Author: Michelle Purnomo

Overall Experience

One thing I’ve learned this summer is to engage in as many task as you can during your short internship experience to see whether the place is a great fit for you. There were so many things that I’d never thought I’d be interested in. For example, in my internship, I had to run client…

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Internship

Now that you’ve landed on an internship, it’s time to start your first day working there. First thing first is to get along with your supervisor and colleagues. Give off a friendly atmosphere and possibly connect with them on LinkedIn. Good communication with your colleagues can go a long way as they could give advice…

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What I Learned from My Supervisors

One thing that I learned from my supervisor is to be in a situation where you can leave any minute and always have a backup plan. The work environment is unpredictable in many ways, especially if you’re working in a big company. You may be laid off at any time it is convenient for the…

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