Author: Lydia Stetson

Restaurants and Legal: How can I mix the two?

Accepting my internship with Union Square Hospitality Group as a Front-of-House intern went a little something like this: Me: “Ah, yessss!! Founders of Shake Shack, owners of 17 different foodservice concepts, winner of 4 Michelin stars, and entrepreneur hero CEO Danny Meyers?? Me to Me: Wowza, restaurants! That’s cool! But wait Lydia, aren’t you studying…

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The Search for Food, And How I Found It

The simple question of “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” has loomed over our heads for as long as we can remember, and I’m sure most of us faintly recall our first answer. I know mine was veterinarian “so I can play with the puppies,” but that dream was soon…

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Taking the Initiative: Bathrooms and All

“I just wanted to let you know, that the ladies room is disgusting.” Hot blood crept under my skin, burning my face to a plum red as the woman backed away from my ear, quickly turning to exit the restaurant. Mortified, I contained my urge to sprint into a brisk walk, imagining all the possible…

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