Author: Angel Hill

Reflecting on Personal Growth

Reflecting back on the beginning of my internship, I considered myself a strong communicator and socially inclined. However, my drastic growth in communicating and relationship building has shown me how much room I had for development. Although I did not reach my sales goals, despite my tenacity and diligence, I see my personal development as…

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Strategic Goal Setting

Before my internship started, I set three goals for myself that I would strive to attain throughout the duration of my internship, the first being to sell 125 pest control accounts. I feel like this goal is attainable because 125 sales is equivalent to 10-11 sales per week over my 12 week internship. Broken down…

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Seeking Personal Growth

As a college freshman on financial aid, the internship search was incredibly painstaking. It was hard to find positions that were hiring freshman to begin with, and the ones that did hire freshman were often unpaid without housing. While it was tempting to apply for internships that offered the biggest paychecks, I wanted a work…

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